Request a Service

You request a service online, and pick a convinient location and time.

We Collect

We pick-up from your scheduled location or you drop off at one of our offices.

We Clean

We do your laundry using state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class stain removal systems.

We Deliver

We deliver at your scheduled location and time or you pick up from our office.


Experienced Hands

With over 5 years experience in doing Laundries, we are in pole position to give you the best of laundry services.

Flexible Pricing

Our flexible pricing model allows you to choose the best pricing model that fits you, your family or organization.


We pride ourselves in the welfare of our customers. You order from your convenience, Choose the time that suits you, and we come around to pickup or deliver.

Flexible options, for everyone


Occassional laundry

Our products are suitable for inividuals, families and businesses with only few once-a-while Laundries.

Simply select the items that match your Laundry basket, and checkout.

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Frequent Laundry

Our subscription plans provides a flexible option for individuals, families, schools, small businesses and large Corporations with regular laundries.

Simply choose the plan best suitable for your needs, and subscribe.

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